LCD Display Doppler Home Fetal Heart Rate Monitor Pregnancy SP

Product Features:

  • Independent probe, easy to replace, easy to stretch, the user's posture and angle can be adjusted.

  • Exquisite and compact design, easy to carry.

  • High sensitivity, zero radiation, convenient measurement (low power consumption, zero radiation, high performance, intelligent dynamic monitoring).

  • Large-screen LCD display clear reading (4.5cm large-screen LCD display, the degree is more convenient to ease).

  • The curved probe structure is easy to operate, increases the comfort, and reflects the humanized design.

  • Three working modes: real-time FHR display mode, average FHR display mode and manual mode.

  • Audio interface: It can be connected to other recording equipment through a recording cable to record fetal heart sounds in real time.


Size(Length*width*height): 190*170*68mm

                                                 7.5*6.7*2.7 inch

Weight: 0.5lb/one(Including battery)

Battery: two 1.5V batteries

Screen type:1.8*1.0 inchLCD display

Range of fetal heart rate: 50 BPM ~ 240 BPM (BPM: beats per minute)

Resolution: 1 BPM

Accuracy: ± 2 BPM

Power consumption: <1 W

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