Biggie Solar Power 42 Led 3 Modes One Year Warranty Wireless,

  • 42 Led more Lights beads more Brighter , wireless , easy to install no Cables, easy to mount , Weather resistant , portable waterproof IP65, night lights motion sensor 3 modes Flood lights step lights,motion solar trailer lights,motion cottage solar lights,motion
  • Outdoor use only one lamp every 20- 50 meters Great for trailer lights , Backyards, dog house , dog fence , patio lights , tree lights for safety , security cameras wireless outdoor lights more brighter
  • Using grade A + battery cells , large capacity , long standby . . Intelligent sensing system provides overcharge , over voltage , short circuit and more security protection . Auto - sensing : Detecting light brightness and human motion automatically .
  • Mode 1 : It will auto turn on light during the night time or at the dark area and auto turn off during the day time or at the bright area . 
  • Mode2 : It will auto turn on dim light at night , when people come close about 3-5m ; it will turn on bright light for 20-25 seconds the auto turn dim light Mode 3 : During the night time , it will auto turn on light when it sensing human movement , and it delays 20-25 seconds when people walk out of the range then it will turn off automatically

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